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A special treat
Worth seeing

Elegance and aesthetics

Not only the view from the KölnTriangle Cologne View is impressive, but the building itself offers fascinating details. During your arrival, the architecture of the building offers an impressive sight with its transparent glass and aluminium facade. The KölnTriangle is shaped in the form of a Realeaux triangle with three convex arched sides and a round core.

Awarding authority:

Rheinische Versorgungskassen



Height / floors:

103,20 m / 29

Total area / volume:

84.300 sq m / 295.300 m3

Person transport:

five elevators, speed 4m/sec;
16 persons/1,250 kg per elevator

Noteworthy features:

Innovative energy concept, e.g. lighting control system dependent on daylight, electronic locking system with transponder, environmentally friendly lighting controls that automatically adjust to changes in daylight levels

More details and information are available on the KölnTriangle website. >> Kö

The special experience:

Cologne – the city of experiences:
Cologne offers great literary and musical events, as well as world famous trade fairs and much more. Cologne is not just beautiful to look at – experience Cologne up close. Numerous events are waiting to be discovered by you.

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Planning your arrival

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